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Easily Host Real-Time Live And Simulated Live Webinars

Host low latency live webinars and automatically turn them in to recurring simulated live webinars so you can promote them.

Host low-latency live webinars at scale

Easily host high quality, high attendance webinars with virtually no video lag.

Every marketer wants to make sure that the webinars that they host are a high quality experience for the attendee. JetWebinar enables you to host high speed webinars to a large number of attendees without needing to sacrifice quality.

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Give your attendees a world class simulated live experience

Host on-demand webinars with the experience of a live webinar. Easily engage with your attendees no matter where you are at in the world.

JetWebinar allows you to create powerful on-demand webinar experiences with the interactivity of a live webinar. We provide you the tools to make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible and that it matches the experience you intent to give to your attendees.

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Everything you need to deliver powerful webinars

The features that enable you to create impactful webinar experiences for your attendees.

Live BroadcastingHost live webinars with less than a second (300ms) video latency.

Automated WebinarsHost your webinars automatically without you needing to be present.

Interactive Live ChatReceive and respond to incoming attendee messages live using chat messaging.

Custom TemplatesCreate beautiful experiences with professionally designed templates.

Landing Page BuilderCustomize every aspect of the webinar experience with a drag & drop page builder.

Personalized EmailsAutomatically remind people to attend your events and follow up with them after.

Affiliate TrackingPromote your events to your network's audience with an affiliate management system.

Sales ToolsCreate your webinar using tools that help you promote your products and services.