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Syrup - Silver


  • 150 Attendees
  • 4 x Live Webinar Presenters
  • 5 x Simulated Live Webinars

Syrup - Gold


  • 300 Attendees
  • 6 x Live Webinar Presenters
  • 10 x Simulated Live Webinars

Syrup - Platinum


  • 500 Attendees
  • 10 x Live Webinar Presenters
  • 15 x Simulated Live Webinars

Trusted By Hundreds Of Organizations

Host Real-Time Live Webinars

Host instant live webinars to a large audience. JetWebinar enables you to broadcast high quality events to a large number attendees with no video lag/latency. This means happy attendees.

JetWebinar empowers you with the tools that you need to get your message across. You can stream real-time live video broadcasts of your webcam and/or your screen. Communicate your message instantly with as many attendees and you need to... wherever they are.

  • No Latency Live Webinars

    Host live webinars with no video lag, no matter how many attendees you have on your events.

  • Share Presenter Controls

    Share screen and video presenter controls with other hosts/attendees, so you can create engaging presentations.

  • Multiple Organizers

    Host events with multiple organizers and broadcasters so your team can easily host large scale events.

  • Interactive Live Chat

    Chat in real time with all attendees on a broadcast and engage with questions/comments.

  • Moderated Live Chat

    Chat individually in real time with attendees on a broadcast and provide individual care as necessary.

  • Call To Action Buttons

    Pop up special call to action buttons at any point during an event, so people can easily engage in your products and services.

Host Simulated Live Webinars

Upload your best webinars and automatically scale your business by running these webinars on a recurring schedule for your attendees.

JetWebinar gives you the ability to schedule multiple recurring webinar events that are accessible on-demand. Simply choose the days and times during the week that you want to run your events, and the platform will automatically schedule and coordinate the events and communication with your registrants. You just have to create it once and then promote it.

  • Run Automated Webinars

    Easily schedule your best webinars to run automatically multiple times a week, allowing you to maximize your marketing reach.

  • Just In Time Scheduling

    Schedule webinars to run every 15 minutes, so your attendees always have quick access to your events.

  • Multiple Streaming Formats

    Stream your automated video in a format that best suits your presentation and event.

  • Automatic Start Timing

    Attendees automatically drop in to the webinar broadcast at the point when they join, so it feels live.

  • Interactive Live Chat

    Chat with attendees in real time on your desktop, phone, or email as they watch your simulated live presentation.

  • Text Message Notifications

    Get notified via text message whenever someone asks a question on your event.

Customize Your Webinars To Match Your Brand

Customize every aspect of your webinar experience using the built in page builder and branding tools. Build a custom registration page, thank you page and webinar room to match your brand.

JetWebinar gives you the simplicity of a drag and drop editor or the power of full HTML/CSS customization. Whether it's your marketing team creating your webinar or your development team, everyone will have the power to create exactly the brand and vision you have for your event.

  • Professionally Designed Templates

    Use one of many professionally designed templates to create compelling and converting webinar pages.

  • Fully Custom Page Builder

    Fully customize all of your webinar landing pages with an easy to use drag and drop page builder.

  • Customizable Registration Pages

    Easily customize your webinar registration pages to match your desired brand experience.

  • Customizable Thank You Pages

    Easily customize your webinar thank you pages to match your desired brand experience.

  • Customizable Webinar Room

    Easily customize every aspect of your webinar room to match your desired brand experience.

  • Customizable Waiting Room

    Easily customize your webinar waiting room to match your desired brand experience.

Increase Conversions With Powerful Marketing Tools

Automatically direct your attendees to your sales pages and marketing materials so you can easily close more sales in less time.

JetWebinar makes it easier for you to directly sell your products and services right from your event. If you pitch a special offer during the event, you can automatically forward your attendee to the sales or consultation page upon the completion of the event.

  • Reminder/Followup Emails

    Increase your attendance rates and post-webinar engagement with intelligent automated emails that are customized for each attendee.

  • Did Not Attend/Early Abandon Emails

    Take care of every person who signed up for your event, and reach out to people who forgot to attend or had to drop out early. Send them a reminder to watch the replay, just in case they missed something important!

  • Zapier Integrations

    Easily integrate with hundreds of sales, marketing and support platforms with seamless Zapier integration.

  • Native ActiveCampaign Integrations

    Quickly integrate your ActiveCampaign account with JetWebinar, so you can trigger advanced marketing automation sequences for your attendees.

  • Interactive Live Polling

    Configure live polls and questionnaires during live and simulated live events to engage your audience and get feedback.

  • Simulated Live Call To Action Buttons

    Set up simulated live call to action buttons to pop up automatically during the webinar presentation in order to engage your attendees with your offer.

Increase Engagement With Live Interactive Chat

Instantly engage with both live and simulated live attendees as they watch your presentations, so you can quickly answer questions and make sales.

JetWebinar enables you to instantaneously chat with your attendees while you host your presentation live to the world. Our real-time chatroom empowers discussion amongst attendees and hosts. You will be able to receive and answer questions in real-time, as soon as they ask them. That's one of the key benefits of hosting your webinar in real-time with JetWebinar, you get your message across with no-delay.

  • Live Interactive Chat

    Easily chat with attendees live as they watch your presentation. Connect with them as a host or a separate organizer during the event.

  • Simulated Chat Experience

    Mark attendee chat messages for replay during simulated live events, so you can recreate the live experience.

  • Moderated Chat

    Easily interact with live attendees at a “one on one” basis with moderated chat.

  • Text Message Notifications

    Receive text message notifications on your phone whenever an attendee asks a question during a simulated live event.

  • Email Notifications

    Receive text message notifications in your inbox whenever an attendee asks a question during a simulated live event.

  • Sticky Webinar Host Messages

    Save high priority “pre-recorded” chat messages from the webinar host during the event, so you can highlight special messages that require attention.

Host Low-Latency Live Webinars At Scale

Every marketer wants to make sure that the webinars that they host are a high quality experience for the attendee. JetWebinar enables you to host high speed webinars to a large number of attendees without needing to sacrifice quality.

JetWebinar allows you to create powerful on-demand webinar experiences with the interactivity of a live webinar. We provide you the tools to make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible and that it matches the experience you intent to give to your attendees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JetWebinar?

JetWebinar is a fully customizable platform. Hosts can custom build their registration pages and webinar rooms. They can customize every part of the email funnel leading up to and following the webinar.

What features does it have?

Take a look at our features here.

Where can I see the roadmap?

Click here to see the JetWebinar roadmap.

Where can I contact support?

You can contact support via:

Live chat on https://support.jetwebinar.com
Direct email: support@jetwebinar.com

What are their features and regular plans?

Click here to see JetWebinar’s current regular plans and features.

Can it help me in sales?

Absolutely! People use JetWebinar for sales everyday!

  • JetWebinar can help qualify your leads
  • Automatically schedule sales calls with prospects
  • Incentivize prospects to purchase directly through JetWebinar

Can it help me with my marketing?

If you are using JetWebinar for marketing this will fit like a perfect glove.

Within seconds you can easily launch web events that will help you market your business and optimize your video while simultaneously providing additional assets such as links, free download/giveaway, whitepaper, etc. To educate and market to strategic and engage with potential customers and partners with simple call to action steps to drive your audience to the next step.

For those of you who have clients and prospects in a different time zones JetWebinar will help get your marketing message out there while you are sleeping! So you can invite and host webinars to people all around the world.

Now you don’t need to be tied down to your computer and easily deliver your message and offering out there at anytime during the day.

JetWebinar gives you a breakdown of registration and attendee engagement analytics you will get immediate feedback to see if what you’re doing is working or if you need to make an adjustment to increase your call to action conversion rates.

If you are using JetWebinar for sales

You can easily create live and automated sales events while giving a completely interactive and personalized experience, You can even incentivize people to schedule sales calls or even collect payments directly through your webinar event.

After someone clicks on one of your call to actions you can track the attendee analytics to see who clicked on the call to action and who fell through the cracks, giving you enough information to automatically follow up with them to help them move towards scheduling a call or making a purchase with you.

If you are using JetWebinar for training

If you are hosting a live or automated training event and some of them share the same content on a different day. Being able to have real time engagement and smarter events is so important.

When you host training events you can control the entire environment between, polling, quizzes, streaming videos, and sharing documents so whether someone is on a live or automated webinar you have complete flexibility on how you want your event to look, run, and feel.

What can you do with JetWebinar automation?

Personalized Automation Sequences

After someone signs up for a webinar event set up once to automatically send personalized emails based on if they attended, missed, or left the webinar early. With specific call to actions that you can enable through JetWebinar.

Automated Call-To-Actions

Here’s a brief list of the different call to actions you can host during both a live and automated webinar.
  1. Replay links
  2. Schedule call links
  3. Free download
  4. Video
  5. Web page links
  6. Purchase links

Automated Scheduling/ Sales

If your want your views to schedule a call with you simple enable scheduling call to action sequences.
After you turn on your pop up offer during the event itself you can drive to a book you call page, and follow up with personalized automated emails to be one click away to take the next step.

Automated Polling

Whether you’re hosting a live or an on-demand event you can always collect more data from your attendees to make adjustments and optimize for better results.
All the polling data will automatically be stored where you just click one button and everything exports to either a CSV, PDF, Excel, or you can print the report as is.

Intelligent Automated Events

After each event you will see all of your messages are stored in the message tab. By each message you have the luxury to choose which message or question would be beneficial for your future attendees.
By optimizing for the best questions and messages each webinar will be an improved version of the last one.

What if you miss the JW for life add-on?

There will be an option to pay $99 per year for an additional 100 attendees after the offer is shut down. If you pay $99 during the offer period, you get 100 extra attendees.

What’s the refund period?

30 days after you purchase. No questions asked. 100% guarantee.

What updates or upgrades will I get?

You will always get access to our latest updates as we release them.

Some of the updates we plan to launch soon is:

  1. Hybrid (moving from an automated to a live webinar to close out the event)
  2. Stream to FB Live
  3. Upload presentation slides in advanced
  4. Attendees can connect via phone
  5. Whiteboard during webinar
  6. Direct Software Integrations

Can I stack this?

Yes! JetWebinar integrates with Zapier and has a direct integration with ActiveCampaign. So JetWebinar will flow right in with all of your current software systems you would need to integrate with. We will also be adding more direct integrations.

What analytics do I get?

You will see:

  1. Who attended
  2. Who didn’t attend
  3. Who left early
  4. Google Analytics integration - How many people visited and signed up for the webinar
  5. Where did the webinar registrant come from ie. referral, affiliate, sales person, organization partner, email, paid ads, etc.

Will there be a better deal?

NOT EVER. The truth is people pay more after 4-5 months than you will all year. That’s why this is an exclusive offer.

How do I become an affiliate?

  1. If you want to become an affiliate click here or go to https://jetwebinar.com
  2. Scroll all the way down to and click on the link that says “Become An Affiliate”

Is or will JetWebinar be GDPR compliant?

We are currently GDPR compliant.

What is JetWebinar and how is it different from other webinar software?

JetWebinar doesn’t try to be a one size fits all. They focus on creating a custom and personalized experience for companies who use webinars for marketing, sales, or training.

One of the many reasons why people love JetWebinar is because typically when you host an on-demand or automated event you can automatically tell that it is a pre-recorded event and with JetWebinar your pre-recorded event can feel almost exactly how a live webinar event would feel.

You can instantly create an experience that focuses on continuously bringing your attendees to the next step in the marketing and sales process to help you qualify and onboard new customers.

If you are hosting an event for a marketing, sales, or training live or automated webinar event we go beyond just hosting the event. You can create a dynamic and personalized sequence that drives each registrant to the next step and will show you which ones do and do not take action.

How does this compare to GotoWebinar?

GotoWebinar was one of the early pioneers of live streaming in 2006 and in 2014 JetWebinar was one of the early pioneers of interactive on-demand and replay webinar events. 12 years later live streaming has dramatically evolved and we took the best of the latest technology and let the other guys try to keep up.

With a start-up mentality and the dynamic ability to continue creating, JetWebinar has mastered both the technology and the customization on how to truly be successful hosting both live and pre recorded webinar events. As we work closely with our customers we always receive feedback and continuously focus on improving your attendees experience.

Would JetWebinar work for my specific industry?

If you are hosting a webinar event for sales, marketing, or training JetWebinar is a great fit for you regardless of what industry you are in.

We have customers that sell:

  1. Physical products
  2. Digital products
  3. Consumer based services
  4. B2B services
  5. And SO much more

What is a simulated live webinar?

A simulated live webinar is a pre-recorded webinar which runs with the same experience as a live webinar. JetWebinar allows you to engage with your attendees in real-time, even if the webinar is pre-recorded.

What does it mean to have 3 or 5 simulated live webinar?

As long as you are within your attendee count, you can run a live and a simulated live webinar as many times as you want. This means you can have 3 or 5 separate webinars which can run without limitations.

How many webinars can I host?

You can host as many live and on-demand events as your plan allows.

Can there be multiple presenters?

Yes, there can be 4-10 presenters based on the account you sign up for users to this account, if your plan supports that.

Can I customize the webinar pages?

You can customize all of your webinar pages including:

  1. Registration page
  2. Thank you page
  3. Waiting room

Can I send automated emails

Yes, you can send automated emails based on how your registrants engage with your webinar.

Here’s a list of automated emails you can send:

  1. Confirmation email
  2. Up to 20 reminder emails
  3. Up to 20 follow up emails
  4. Missed webinar email
  5. Abandoned webinar early email

Can I track webinar registrant and attendee engagement?

Absolutely! You can see exactly who attended to the webinar, all the way down to exactly how many minutes of the event your attendees watched.

Does JetWebinar provide it’s own video streaming outside of YouTube Live or Google Hangouts?

Yes! JetWebinar hosts it’s own video streaming that has is so reliable it has hosted up to 300,000 people at one time. With this propitiatory technology you can host no latency (no lag) live events.

Does JetWebinar integrate with marketing automation/CRM software?

Almost all of them. JetWebinar integrates with Zapier which allows JetWebinar to easily integrate with any marketing automation/CRM software you’re currently using.

Will there be a better deal?

NOT EVER. The truth is people pay more after 4-5 months than you will all year. That’s why this is an exclusive offer.

How do I become an affiliate?

  1. If you want to become an affiliate click here
  2. At the bottom of Jetwebinar.com, scroll all the way down to and click on the link that says “Become An Affiliate”

Is or will JetWebinar be GDPR compliant?

We are currently GDPR compliant.

What are the different pricing options?

Check the offer at the top of the page for pricing options.

JetWebinar Add-ons

If you want to purchase an additional host license attendees for 50% off you can go to the sales page and purchase directly from there

If you want to purchase additional simulated live webinars at a discount you can go to the sales page and purchase directly from there.

What if I don't buy the JetWebinar Add-on but want them later?

You can purchase add-ons after the offer expires as an annual subscription.